We explore and design freshest models for human coexistence and collaboration. We conceive coexistence as a process that can be enriched and shaped by evolutionary impulses. In doing so, we focus on the creation, development and implementation of integral models of social architecture that foster the transition from the modern and postmodern era to the integral age.

With our actions, we promote  the evolution of consciousness in the global context of one of the major transformation process, which humanity has passed through on its evolutionary journey so far, we address the following issues:

  • Support the transition
  • Navigate easily and efficiently complexity and diversity
  • Empower the individual as a co-designer of the future
  • Promote social innovation in organizations
  • Develop evolutionary co-leadership

Our self-understanding: building bridges for the 21st century

We see ourselves as mediators, consciously anchoring the code of the new paradigm “integral and cosmic consciousness”, which already emerges in many people in thinking, feeling and being, through collective and individual powerful action.

We see ourselves as pioneers who are exploring the New, taking innovative paths and making them accessible to others.

Guiding principles of our work are based on the concept of Conscious Evolution:



We recognize the direction of the cosmic design that strives for more freedom, complexity and consciousness. We use this insight to foster synergies in all fields of life and to accelerate the integration of the “New” with the functioning “Old” for designing win-win-win scenarios.  The deep understanding of our evolution makes it possible to sense the next life-affirming developments  and to manifest these horizons in the present time.


Conscious Evolution helps us to understand the transitions of our human evolving and what we need in order to successfully take the next steps. Conscious Evolution encourages us to choose a regenerative future which we shape as co-creators.
Designing is the capacity to plan, create and reach our goals. It is a force that we use in order to shape our daily lifes consciously, to deepen our awareness and to create life sustaining spaces. In every single field of our life we can participate in creating with others our world, joyfully and in full responsibility.
We create the conditions for human beings to reconnect with their true nature as creators so that they express this creative force individually and collectively.