“At present, mankind prepares for a momenteous leap, the most difficult and most exciting transition that the human species ever faced.“ Prof. Clare W. Graves

Currently, we find ourselves in times of fundamental transitions. Almost every day, we experience that solutions and behavioral patterns that were valid up to now, do not work anymore and do not meet the challenges of our highly complex world.
The German speaking Center for Human Emergence (CHE) focuses on developing evolutionary future competences and innovative models of thinking and awareness, on researching and training. We are convinced that we will need new approaches to master the historical transition from modern and postmodern society to the integral age to create sustainable answers for the future of our cultures and communities.
Thus, the German CHE aligns itself with the work of the CHEs Worldwide, a network organization founded by Dr. Don Beck . They all focus on social and cultural transitions and the facilitation of healthy and sustainable living spaces.  In their respective regions on the planet, they create momentum of change.

We invite you to listen to the video recordings of our international online Summit “Co-Creating Emerging Futures” here.