CHEs Worldwide

“The Center for Human Emergece (CHE) fosters the conscious evolution of  humanity on a global scale.”  Don Beck

The Center for Human Emergence Germany-Austria-Switzerland (CHE // D·A·CH), which opened in 2008, is part of a worldwide net of centers that have a common vision, intention, and value system. At the same time, they work and act in their respective culture independently and with different focus, goals, and structures.


Initiating and Conducting Social Innovation

The international competence of the CHE is mirrored in the outstanding ability of its members to get and be in touch with the social and economic points of focus, transition, and development in its respective cultures and societies. Originally, Dr. Don E. Beck applied the model of Prof. Clare Graves during the time of unrest in South Africa together with Nelson Mandela and other social representatives there. This was a crucial test for Graves´ research.