Theory U

The model of the U-process was first described by Otto Scharmer from the MIT. It leads us out of the familiar pattern, to have to quickly present solutions to any problem. Rather, Scharmer invites us to first expand one´s own horizon before dealing with bringing the new “into the world”. The basic question behind the process is: How do I manage to change the inner place I am acting from? This also means asking how I can leave old patterns and habits behind me to open up for what comes into the world with my actions.

The path he describes is like a U – beginning at the upper left, going down in a downward movement, then rising again. At the bottom of the U lies the moment of the all-present being, the “presencing”. In presencing we approach the sources of our actions, the moment when we can give up the old and let the possibilities of the future become the source of our actions. This process of “letting go” of the old and “admitting” of the new gives us access to a deeper source of knowledge.

If you would like to hear more of this approach, we recommend this video with Otto Scharmer.