Meshworking, Natural Design

Natural Design and MeshWorking enable natural design processes that go beyond personal preferences. They bundle available human and technical resources to meet challenges and answer the most pressing questions of our time. They contribute decisively to finding life-affirming and sustainable solutions. Meshworks can be referred to as the successor generation of the network.

In a MeshWork, existing resources  are bundled, linked and synergetised in a new and unique way. Functions, people and ideas are brought into a new, natural flow in the service of a common higher goal. Special attention is given to the special qualities of all stakeholders involved. These forces create a dynamic “network” that is capable of adapting quickly to the world and its requirements. Meshworks are open systems, build on Win-win-win strategies, choose the long-term perspective, capture the whole while dealing with the individual parts, and emphasize natural solutions.

Report from the Netherlands on the integration of refugees. Leida Schuringa, Refugees in The Netherlands, reports on her work with the focus on natural design.

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