Contributions to an integral society

Societies are per se characterized by a high diversity as well as a memetical diversity of the people. That is why many areas of social life are under a special pressure as they feel that the old and familiar models do not provide any solutions for these challenging times. That’s why within the CHE integral projects and change processes have emerged in many different areas. Each of them is initially only a small building block in a big whole. But they all contribute to form a field that opens up an evolutionary space for integral action and experience.

Example: Claudine Villemot talking to Tom Steiniger (Radio Evolve) about the rapid change of values, the new risks but also about the first visible contours of an evolutionary consciousness culture.  (In German)

Integral project design for the transformation in politics, art, education, church, community, health
  • Development of the curriculum “Building transition competence for future politicians”. The aim is to educate young politicians in integral thinking and action, and to empower them to use these competences in sustainable and actions at the appropriate level of complexity in the political environment.
  • Creation of an art association based on the integral approach.
  • Design of ecocentres for electro-sensitive and environmental allergists in the south of Morocco on behalf of a French association. The project report was published in the Integral Leadership Review in August 2010. • Creation of learning and research fields for a future-oriented education: a co-creative book for children, educators, parents and lateral thinkers. (In process)
  • Support for profound changes in church communities through MeshWorking.

European Erasmus +projects – Co-Creator / contributor for the Center for Human Emergence, D.A.CH: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle

Bringing the potential of social innovations into the public and stimulate the shaping of a life-affirming future
The CHE is a competent partner for communicating the evolutionary theory and integral knowledge in the form of lectures, radio and television interviews as well as publications. It succeeds in combining the integral approach with different societal fields in such a way that concrete impulses for a new practical shaping of human coexistence are created. You can find selected examples here.