Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence describes a set of skills some people have.  What characterizes them is to think and act from a broad perspective, to stay calm and centered regardless of the outer conditions and to act with wisdom and compassion. People who have access to this set of skills seem to have a grounded inner stability and an amazing variety of leadership competencies.

John Mackey, a famous CEO in the US, describes Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) as the next “must” for people in leading positions. These qualities are desperately needed in times of leadership in a complex world where solutions need to be innovative, sustainable and for the good of many.

In former times people thought such skills are natural gifts which you can’t learn. Nowadays we know that we can grow into this and train ourselves to more and more act in this way. If you like to get some more insights into this remarkable field of personal growths, we recommend this video by Cindy Wigglesworth. She has spent much time in studying the inner dynamics of spiritual intelligence and to decipher qualities in detail.

For more information:  . Certified Coach in SQ 21.

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Spiritual Intelligence - a unique leadership capacity