Conscious Evolution and the Wheel of Co-Creation

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a world-wide well-known author, futurist, social innovator. She is Co-Founder and CEO of the foundation for Conscious Evolution. With Dr. Don Beck she is one of 57 evolutionary Leaders, who formed up around Deepak Chopra in Service to Conscious Evolution. Core aspect of her Teaching is the model „the wheel of Co-Creation“,  that we appreciate as an enriching complement to the  « Natural Design » theory of Don Beck.

The Wheel of Co-Creation comprises 12 areas of social life and serves as a map for synergistic convergence (Syncon). We connect and synchronize in the respective areas what is innovative and creative and what works. Moreover, we can create something new by enabling a new, functioning, healthy whole through new connections and a reorganization of old forms and patterns. This model is used to transform the systems in all sectors. Thus we consider not only the 12 sectors in their current state but also look out for what emerges. This lets us know where social evolution will go. We (CHE Germany, Austria, Switzerland) initiate projects based on the co-creative approach, which mesh the various sectors of the wheel in synergetic convergence.

Information: Claudine Villemot, Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution. (The Shiftnetwork, Barbara M. Hubbard, Stephan Dinan) 

The Wheel of Co-Creation tells in a symbolic way the story of our evolution...

The wheel of co-creation symbolizes the history of our evolution from the origin of the universe and its creation to the emergence of energy, matter, earth, life, animal life, human life and our evolution from Homo Sapiens (First Tier) to Homo Universalis (Second Tier). The core of the spiral is for the Universal Intelligence, the evolutionary impulse within us, SPIRIT in action that manifests itself in us and through our impulse. If we say “Yes” to our creative impulse that springs from our Essential Self and gives it concrete expression in our lives, then we integrate being and doing as no longer separate states. Co-creation gives space to evolutionary spirituality. As co-creators we see ourselves not only as part and product of the process of creation, but we are also an expression of this evolutionary process and consciously shape it. We develop authentic power, an essential force that captures everything we touch, including ourselves. In this way we create space for revealing our true nature. We bring our individual genii as well as our uniqueness and creative power into synergy and strengthen each other in being and manifesting the best to the benefit of the whole.
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