Research and develop social innovations

For a number of years, we have been committed to promoting the field of social innovation in the corporate world, but also in other areas of social life. The question of social architecture is of special concern to us.

In particular we are engaged in the following areas:

  •  We research and test integral models and test them for use in business and in the field of social interactions
  • We document and publish our research and experience in appropriate publishing environments
  • In terms of social architecture, we pay attention to the fact that the impulses are designed in such a way that synergies arise from diversity and that they are used functionally in order to release the highest potential of all parties involved
  • We teach the tried and tested integral models as competencies for and extended scope of action
  • In organizations, we promote   integral/holistic organisational forms and support leaders in the introduction of integral and  evolutionary leadership models
  • In Society Claudine Villemot-Kienzle initiates and contributes to European projects i.e. BLAST : Blended Adult Education for the Socio-ecological Transition  (2019 – 2022) – Project output
  • FIT for Change – Field Intelligence and Technology to uplevel the collective capacity of social change agents: Learning together how to transform a metacrisis into a metamorphosis. 2023 – 2025

Develop and use transpersonal potential in the individual and the collective dimension. Spiralnews 7/8 2015

We are not people who make a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings who make a human experience“. (Willigis Jäger)

Using the transpersonal potential…in German

Social Architects Community of Practicing: A future-oriented and experimental form of governance and community

The starting point of the Social Architect is the assumption that new forms of human coexistence   must and will evolve to meet the current challenges of world societies. For this purpose, personalities with new forms of understanding, awareness and the solution will help develop future-oriented ways.
In addition to traditional consulting competencies, social architects are learning how to combine their approaches to the new complexity and diversity. We use innovative models and “maps” in the field of adult development such as Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck), the integral approach  (Ken Wilber), the wheel of co-creation  (Barbara M. Hubbard) oder theory U (Otto Scharmer), Holacracy (Brian Robertson).
We also research into the fields of transpersonal and trans-collective potentialities in order to exploit all the dimensions of being and action available to us. Here the research and theories are inspired by the system theorist Ervin Laszlo (akasha fields) or the biologist Rupert Sheldrake (morphic fields).
Our contemplation and our activity are always aligned with the design of evolution and guided by an integral and holistic “big / global picture” perspective.