Transparent Communication

The next evolutionary step for humanity as a collective asks for a new dimension of “We” – a We which is less likely to fall into the traps and patterns of interpersonal frictions and which thus allows for a higher potential of intelligence. To allow this inter-subjective space to emerge, we need a new clarity, a higher level of authenticity and awakening. These qualities support the manifestation of a consciousness field, which strengthens presence as the capacity of fully being in the here and now. As individuals, we are all part of a collective field which is made up of each individual´s consciousness center of gravity. The movement and development of everyone infuses dynamic into the whole.

Within the practice of transparent communication (by Thomas Hübl) we hold and co-create spaces to meet each other in a deeply related way of openness and transparency. Our known patterns of communication expand in quantum leaps, when we learn to grow an awareness of the inner dimension and experience of our counterpart. Transparent communication is the foundation of a new We.

More information:   – certified practice group leader for transparent communication

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