Supporting the development of integral companies

Current economic thinking and action is still largely based on predictability and linearity. In this context, the traditional management works well with its approach, solutions and answers. Until the 1950s this approach was extremely effective. In a highly complex, interconnected world, in which natural and human ecosystems are interdependent, controllability based on linear principles and mechanistic cause-effect has become highly unsuccessful. In order for companies to maintain and nourish their great creative power, they do not need more process optimization and system advice, but radical renewal in order to address uncertainty and unpredictability. Integral thinking and actions as well as resilience are indispensable prerequisites.

This is why we offer support to companies for the introduction of integral / holistic qualities in corporate design, personnel management and leadership, such as:

  • Development of integral leadership skills at the level of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Design of change and team development processes
  • Understand the organization as an ecosystem and living organism and accompany its healthy, natural growth
  • Collaborate jointly with the company’s vision, intention and overall goal
  • Memetical profile analysis of the sites / areas and verification of the functionality of the whole organization in all quadrants
  • Supporting communication processes according to the different v-memes present

Examples (all in German)

Example:Targeted change in operational cooperation.
Consideration of a conflict with the perspective of the value systems.
Improvement of the relationship between a large corporate group and a supplier - 13 Min. Videointerview