Developing and Training Future Competences

“You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if you only knew how to release them.” David Bohm  

The formation and transmission of future competences were the focus of the work of the CHE // D · A · CH right from the beginning. Based on Don Beck’s testimony, “we do not need new organizations, we need a new way of thinking to solve the current challenges,” it is part of the basic self-understanding of the CHE to provide innovative thinking and action models. This is done specifically through training in integral thinking and action, in particular through the provision of courses in Spiral Dynamics integral, Spiritual Intelligence,  as well as a training to become a Social Architect.

The CHE // D · A · CH is an agreed organization of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc. for the transmission of Spiral Dynamics integral. All SDi trainers were trained by Dr. Don Beck.

Key competences for the future

Educational Innovation: „Social Architect“as a future competence

unique and novel type of online course was developed to provide an alternative to familiar approaches to coming into action and classic change processes that do not provide solutions against the outdated patterns of polarization and fragmentation. Future-oriented, groundbreaking models form the basis of this training and find their way into practice.

Social Architects:

– are pioneers of change and promote evolutionary, innovative solutions in complex challenging situations.

– they accompany transformational change processes and accelerate innovative change in all areas of social cohesion.

– they have many skills that people in leadership positions need in an increasingly complex world.

More features of Social Architects (in german)

European Erasmus+ projects

Co-Creator for the Center for Human Emergence, D.A.CH: Claudine Villemot-Kienzle