The roots of the Center for Human Emergence are anchored in global interactions and sharing.  Integral thinking and acting link the manifold approaches and cultural backgrounds. This has been happening in CHE GLOBAL for more than 30 years on an international level.

Some of our significant partners:

Institut für Zukunftskompetenzen, Österreich

Tage der Zukunft, Österreich

Internationales Institut für Ökosysteme Innovation Universität Lille, Frankreich
Interview mit Michel Saloff-Coste

Center for Human Emergence NL, Niederlande

evolve, Deutschland

Ecology of Design in Human Systems, Kanada

A common project of many european countries dedicated to blended adult learning for the socio-ecological transition.

Social Architects Community of Practicing, Deutschland, Österreich, Belgien, USA
CHE-Ausbildung Social Architect

Our appreciation for our mentors and co-creators.

  • Don E. Beck
  • Dorothea Zimmer, Co-Founder CHE // D·A·CH
  • CHE Nethelands