The CHE D-A-CH (including Germany, Austria, Switzerland) works based on experiences and principles of integral organizations. Within Graves´ thinking, this conforms to Flex-Flow of 2nd Tier consciousness within the  map of Spiral Dynamics integral.  It is our endeavor to include latest insights and knowledge, to experience them consciously, and to develop them further for our own work and for culture at large. Social innovation starts with the team and from there we carry it forward with accurateness and evolutionary care.

Claudine Villemot-Kienzle

After a 15-year experience as an education consultant, trainer and coach at the BMW Headquarters, I decided to become self-employed in 1998 as a social architect and integral project manager in economic, social and artistic fields. In the search for models to address the complexity adequately, I began to study the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber as well as Spiral Dynamics. In 2006, I was appointed by Don Beck authorized lecturer for SDi and co-founded the Center for Human Emergence for German-speaking countries. The further study of Conscious Evolution by Barbara M.Hubbard inspired me deeply. My contribution is to expand the perspective of my fellow human beings and organizations for breakthrough social innovations and to help them to integrate this powerful and regenerative potential into their personal and professional life.

I am moved and inspired by the idea that we are now on the threshold of a new world order. In this historical context, I see the focus of my work on preparing and helping to shape the path for the global paradigm shift through the choice of conscious evolution as a life-affirming perspective.

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Questions and curiosity are important to me. After I finished my studies in engineering I added to it a University degree in economics. But the questions I faced during my professional life couldn’t find answers within the gained knowledge. Further educations in systemic business coaching lead me to the evolutionary framework of Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi). SDi gave me a deep insight into higher complexity of dynamics in social and individual developments. While questions find answers, bigger and more fundamental questions and challenges to our individual and collective human being arise at the horizon.

My purpose is fostering 2nd tier and integral concepts and attentive attitudes toward all stake holders and the environment in non-profit and profit organizations to co-create at the interface between presence and future and to be part of a thriving development on our planet.


Jürgen Greiner

Ingrid Schneider

Getting in touch with Spiral Dynamcis more than 10 years ago was one of the major discoveries of my life. Suddenly I had the impression of getting an eagle’s view on a landscape I knew so well. Since then I learned to integrate this inspiring perspective and an evolutionary approach into my daily work. Today I work and describe myself as Social Architect, a person who creates conditions and enables transformational change in complex situations. I bring this quality to my work with the CHE as well as in my other professional work. Educated as a minister in the protestant church in Germany, trained as coach and in organizational development I now work in transformational ministry in my church as well as consultant and certified coach for Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21).

I’m member of the core CHE team in Germany since 2012, co-designer of our online program “Social Architect” and part of the teaching staff.

Living in a world that is facing major global challenges I’m inspired by the idea that we as human species can support the paradigm shift that’s needed to grow to our full human capacities.

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The members of the German-speaking Center for Human Emergence work closely together to promote social development in German-speaking countries. Each team member works legally independently as freelancers.


With some people we have a particularly intensive collaboration around issues of Social Architecture.

Christine Gerike

I sense that a future wants to manifest through us that includes more potentialities, complexity and freedom.  This future will not be a re-arrangement of what we know and what is but an upgrade and a surprise within our not-knowing. We will have to listen carefully to the subtle and silent whisper and not to the noise.  Maps of our evolving and emerging consciousness as humans such as Spiral Dynamic integral of the Wheel of Co-creation provide orientation and guidance.

We humans are the main actors in this co-creative work in connection and in service to our higher guidance and the evolution of mankind. In my opinion, it is therefore necessary and crucial to learn and practice together to maintain the quality of a future in this sense.  Future is not just a tomorrow but a widening of awareness.  I am supporting this as a co-founder and co-creator of the Social Architects Community of Practicing (SoArCo), as practice group leader in transparent communication and social witnessing, and as member of the CHE Germany.  Particularly trough transparent communication we allow a deep openness, relatedness, and presence to settle within us and between us as a We-space.

I am bringing my own work experience as manager, cultural specialist, coach, social architect as well as my conscious being and doing to my work with the German speaking CHE.  Within the wheel of co-creation I strive to serve the fields of spirituality and relationship.


Bettina Geiken

My professional and personal journey began as a scientist. Soon I came to the limits of the materialistic world view, because I could not find there a coherent answer, how the inner and outer dimensions of humanity and our universe are related and how I as a human being can best contribute to the shaping of the world.My job orientation should change at least twice. First on the outside, towards EU project development and management for sustainable projects in international development cooperation, and on the inside towards the coach for awareness training with an approach that combines the development of emotional intelligence and shadow work, with mindfulness training and conscious design.And so I was finally well prepared for Wilber’s Integral Approach and SDi’s Evolutionary View of Graves / Beck. A model and map that has accompanied and inspired me ever since and laid the foundation for my ongoing curiosity in the integral worldviews with its multiple approaches for organizations and individuals.After participating in the CHE’s Social Architect training, I co-founded with a number of other graduates a community of practicing of social architects who see themselves as bridge builders between existing and emerging social paradigms.


Michael Keller

Michael Keller, MA – For 30+ years, I have been an innovative consultant and educator dedicated to building collaborative, multicultural relationships supporting personal, professional, and organization effectiveness — developing ‘artistry’ in change agents for addressing emergence and complexity. I hold a Masters in Intercultural Communications from Antioch University, and I am a Certified SDi Level 1 Facilitator (2009) in Canada. These days, I focus primary attention on the Design of the Designer® and co-creating healthy workplace cultures. I am in service to enabling conditions for transformative learning and human becoming in human systems…co-creating a world where people want to belong.

That said, what is important that you know about me is what I have learned over the years of working in organizations: Most problems that leaders identify and want to resolve are actually symptoms of people attempting to keep pace with the changing demands being placed on them and the organization – a whole system dynamic. Such symptoms are generally reflective of larger, organization-wide tension and discord that is often not openly identified or addressed – the silent culture of status quo. Without addressing the current culture context – and the “ecology” in which it is embedded — and clarifying what really matters to its members, any efforts to address positive changes are likely to be experienced as little more than over-simplistic band-aids.

Consequently, my work always entails building ‘a culture’ of trust and trustworthiness in order to increase the prospects for efficiency and effectiveness in both the short and long-term. I am a strong advocate of learning in relationship, recognizing that any culture is defined and sustained through interpersonal communication – the ways we talk – and the ways we treat each other.

In addition, my work is informed from having lived overseas for ten years in Nepal and Tibet. In each year since 2001, I have been an Associate Faculty member in the Masters in LeadershipProgram, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC. I also enjoy organic gardening, hiking, mountain biking, ice skating, singing in the car & shower, and living lightly on the planet.